Megacon 2015 Photos Of Cosplay: Was This Year's Convention Better Than 2014 Or A Fail?

The Megacon 2015 photos are coming streaming in now that central Florida's largest convention for cosplayers has come to an end, but how did this year's Megacon convention compare against 2014?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, on the east coast of Florida, there is a small but growing convention called Space Coast Nerd Fest. Attendees were impressed by their first convention, and now it's set to be a bigger convention on May 23 and 24 at the Melbourne Auditorium.

Without further ado, here are the Megacon 2015 photos taken by Inquisitr writers when they visited the con over the weekend.

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After Megacon 2014, many attendees were complaining about some of the changes made, including moving from the West Concourse to the South Concourse. In past years, the ticket lines were handled in the hallways, but in 2014 they were shifted into the main area. There was also a huge open space in the main convention area, which seemed a waste. The Megacon organizers must have been listening, because those changes were reversed for Megacon 2015, which is a good thing since this is how the conditions in 2014 were, quoted below.

"To give you an idea, there were many times I was trying to find room to take photographs but everyone was so shoulder-to-shoulder I was forced to do closeups. There were times I spotted cosplayers I wanted to photograph but they were too far to catch up to in the crowd … and by far away I mean about seven feet. The only humorous part to this story is when I was rubbing shoulders with a Gandalf character who was trying to work his way through the crowd. I could not move out of the way when he said, 'excuse me,' so instead I cried out, 'You shall not pass!' That got a chuckle out of Gandalf."
Conditions were much improved for Megacon 2015. Although attendees said Saturday felt like it was even more packed than last year's Saturday, the new organization helped keep lane traffic from coming to a complete crawl. On Sunday, the traffic was controlled to the point that even a baby stroller decked out like a batmobile was able to push through without any major issues.

Last year, we noted that "nude art that didn't have stickers covering up the naughty bits like in prior years." Megacon 2015 seemed much more family-friendly this time around, although the addition of an adult-oriented furries erotica booth probably had many parents redirecting their kids elsewhere. There was one booth that had explicit artwork, but they kept it all inside a concealed area that had to be entered through a door.

Do you think Megacon 2015 was better than last year? If not, how do you think the organizers can improve?