Caroline Kennedy Divorce Rumors: '60 Minutes' Interview Dredges Up Old Rumors About Kennedy's Marriage

Nathan Francis

Caroline Kennedy has made great strides to improve relations between the United States and Japan, but the ambassador is still dogged by something much more appropriate for the tabloid pages -- divorce rumors.

This week Kennedy, who has been on the job as the United States ambassador to Japan for a year and a half, opened up about relations between the two countries. Speaking to 60 Minutes, Kennedy talked about the importance of an upcoming trade deal and the increasingly large stature of China.

"Because what is going on out here in Asia is, there is so much opportunity for America," she said. "There is so much good will towards America. There is economic opportunity."

The CBS report added the following.

"Ambassador Kennedy is keen on a massive trade deal, the biggest since NAFTA, that is now being negotiated among the U.S., Japan and 10 other countries. But another issue is looming over East Asia: the ascendance of China. Relations between China and Japan are tense -- a booming China has quadrupled its military spending, doesn't like Japan and has designs on islands the Japanese consider theirs. What many Americans may not know is the United States is obligated to come to Japan's aid in case of an attack."

The divorce rumors for Caroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg appeared largely put to rest last year, when Ed was by his wife's side during President Obama's historic visit to Japan. But Sunday's interview on 60 Minutes seemed to generate new attention, with many taking to social media and Google to search about her life -- and her marriage.

Not all of the attention was on her marital status. Many believed the interview showed Carolyn Kennedy as a strong potential candidate for president in 2016, though it's an office she's never talked about aspiring to.

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