Tiger Woods: Wrist Bone Popped Out Of Place After Hitting Root, But He Put It Back In [Video]

Tiger fixes his wrist

Tiger Woods suffered a painful injury to his wrist on Sunday, when he hit a ball from the ninth hole that caught a tree root — one so strong that it left Woods wincing in pain and shaking his wrist, as seen in the below video. After the injury, Tiger walked away from the hole slowly, appearing to lean slightly to one side.

According to CBS Sports, striking a root like Tiger did can create the sort of pain that can be felt all the way up to the neck. The severity of Woods’ injury to his wrist wasn’t known until afterward, when reporter Bill Macatee talked with Tiger about what happened during an interview wherein Woods confirmed that he caught a root during his swing.

Although there are no readily found videos that show Woods popping his own joint or bone back into place, Tiger may have made a subtle move to push any dislocated bone in his wrist back in place that either wasn’t caught on camera immediately afterward, or was so slight that folks didn’t know what he was doing.

Nevertheless, the calm and matter-of-fact way that Woods says he fixed his own ninth-hole injury that occurred in the pile of straw hiding the deceptive root — enough to recover and complete his round — honestly seemed to catch Macatee off-guard and surprise the interviewer that Tiger could pull off such a feat.

“A bone kinda popped out, joint went out of place, but I put it back in.”

Woods’ use of the word, combined with his sordid history of salacious subject matters, has caused some folks on Twitter to have a field day with the golfer. Beyond that wrist injury, Tiger took the time to reassess the things he could’ve done better, like wishing he would’ve made a few more timely putts and moved up the leaderboard.

Tiger will now focus on taking time off to rest and recover, and go back to the drawing board to figure out and refine his moves, such as the positive way that he was pleased with getting his distance back. As for missing three shorties in a row, that displeased Woods, who mentioned that he had no momentum after that. He ended up finishing with a 73 and tying at 17th place with Sergio Garcia.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Tiger was recently surprised when Lindsey Vonn and his children popped over for a visit at the Masters.

[Image via CBS]