Man Holds Giraffe On Scale In Viral Pic: Is He Weighing It?

The man in this picture is holding a giraffe like its a sack of potatoes.

As seen in the picture, the man appears to be standing on some sort of scale, holding the giraffe upright in his arms while he continues to stand there.

According to the picture's title on Reddit, the man could possibly be weighing the giraffe. From the size of the giraffe in the photograph, he (or she) is definitely not a full-grown adult. The World Animal Foundation reports that even a female giraffe can weigh up to 2,600 pounds as an adult.

man holds giraffe

If this baby giraffe is half of the size and weight of an adult, it could possibly weigh nearly 1,000 pounds. Therefore, perhaps the most impressive aspect of this viral photo is that a man is able to lift and hold him without any assistance, wires, harnesses, etc.

It is not very clear why the man is even holding a giraffe at all in this picture. While it does seem like he is standing on some sort of scale, that is not the traditional procedure for weighing giraffes.

According to the Reid Park Zoo, giraffes that are kept in the zoo will usually walk across a scale themselves each time that they enter or exit their designated barns. In that particular zoo, the giraffes were trained to pause on the scale and then wait while their weights are examined and recorded by the zookeepers.

This picture of a man holding a giraffe with his bare hands just like a sack of potatoes or a standard free weight was posted by a Reddit user on Sunday; it did not take very long to go viral.

[Image Credit: Reddit]