'Hunger Games'-Like Scenes As Kim Kardashian And Clan Visit The Armenian Capital

The Armenian capital resembles a scene from The Hunger Games as Kim Kardashian and her clan pay homage to the victims of genocide. The visit by Kim Kardashian and her family has highlighted the centennial of atrocities that lead to horrific acts of genocide on the people of Armenia.

The clothes the Kardashian clan are wearing are straight off the catwalk of Fashion Week and would not be out of place on set of The Hunger Games. Kim Kardashian was seen donning a lacy black veil to enter a monastery and wearing a full figure-hugging white outfit on Sunday that made her look like a biblical figure.

The Armenian crowds jostled to get a look at the Kardashian clan and were not disappointed, as Kim Kardashian spent time on a meet-and-greet through the streets on route to the Cathedral.

TheGuardian reported as follows.

"Crowds have maintained a vigil outside the luxury hotel in Republic square where Kardashian is staying with her daughter North, sister Khloe and husband, the rapper Kanye West. They have emerged for excursions that underline family links with the Kardashians' ancestral homeland – and to shoot episodes for Kim's hugely popular show."
Not too dissimilar to a scene from The Hunger Games where the crowds were kept in check by a police presence on the narrow streets of the capital, as the entourage of power dressed, fashion icons shook hands and accepted flowers from the crowd.

It was a compelling sight as Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe, knelt in their full length red and blue jump suits at the eternal flame memorial, to remember 1.5 million victims of the mass atrocities.

The Kardashians also spent time with the Armenian President, and Kim Kardashian apologized for not speaking the language and "pledged to continue the struggle for international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian genocide."

"Kim Kardashian came to pay tribute to the victims, and she has millions of followers," the minister for the diaspora, Hranush Hakobyan, told the Guardian. "If she writes or says anything it is amazing PR for us. Most people don't even know where Armenia is."

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan, a historian, said: "At the beginning people were uncomfortable with the Kardashian visit; after all, this is a conservative society. But Armenia has never been discussed in the mainstream media like this before. This discourse shows that Armenian identity is still alive."

"I am sure Turkey is having nightmares about it. Some there said that Kim Kardashian was the latest weapon the Armenians are using. Once she leaves, she will be missed."
U.S. journalists are being kept away, but fans are being constantly updated by Twitter and Instagram.The International Press have been sent into a frenzy. Armenia has never seen this level of international exposure and it looks like Kim Kardashian may well become their "Mockingjay."

[Image Credit: Armenian Government Press Office]