Another Heroic Pit Bull Saves Owner From A House Fire, Reports Say

Pit bulls have been known for many things, like many other breeds of man’s best friend, they can be just as heroic. Sadly, their heroism is seldom reported. Whether in Seattle, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, or Oklahoma, pit bulls have been saving their owners from fires for some time. According to WZZM13, a similar situation happened this weekend in Michigan.

Early Saturday morning, a Muskegon, Michigan, teen was asleep alone inside his family’s home at 1:oo a.m. It was around this time that a fire started, but did not wake the sleeping Michigan teen. However, his pet pit bull was far more alert. The three-year-old pit bull alerted the sleeping boy to the blaze just in time to get the both of them out of harm’s way, Michigan Live reports. The teen did say that he made attempts to put the fire out before his pit bull got them out.

The pit bull’s owner fell asleep on the couch, and by his own admission, has stated that lit candles were to blame for the fire that completely demolished his relative’s home. The fire marshal is currently investigating his claims surrounding the start of the fire, but his pit bull coming to his rescue does not seem to be in question.

“The house is pretty much totaled. He stated that his dog awoke him to the fire, at which time he exited the building. I’m still looking at that that – I have not ruled that out.”

First responders stated that the home had fire coming out of the doors, windows, and eves. The candle story has been considered to be likely because the home has been without power for three weeks. The owner is in the process of selling the structure, and still had insurance that was up-to-date on it. Though, the fire marshal still wishes to speak to the Michigan teen again.

“Most important to me is his statement (that) he did try to put the fire out, a couple of attempts.”

The Inquisitr reported in September of last year about a rescued Ohio pit bull who, in turn, rescued his owner right back. Buddy, the pit bull, saved his owner, Martin, from a fire that destroyed a nearby building. A fire that his owner and rescuer Martin said he would not have awoken to, if it had not been for his Buddy, the pit bull.

It would appear that perhaps pit bulls should probably replace Dalmatians as the resident fire dog. Considering that, despite the 101 Dalmatians Disney film, the breed is not as cuddling and nice as promoted.

[Image Via Pixabay]