‘Dumb Ways To Die’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Parody Goes Viral [Video]

Dumb Ways To Die

Warning: The video contains spoilers from seasons 1-4.

In honor of the upcoming premier of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, Egor Zhgun created a spoof of the viral Dumb Ways To Die video featuring characters from the show. Game of Thrones is known for its rather grim character deaths with no character safe from an untimely death. Therefore, it is fitting that the GOT series would be used for a Dumb Ways To Die spoof as there are plenty of them in the series.

In the video you can watch as a number of characters meet their demise in a manner very similar to the original Dumb Ways To Die video. From Joffrey’s poisoning to Oberyn’s death by smashed head, the video pays tribute to some of the most gruesome and startling deaths from the series.

However, everything hasn’t been all fun and games when it comes to the highly anticipated season 5 premier. The first four episodes of the season were leaked online ahead of the premier and were downloaded over 100,000 times in just three short hours. Therefore, it seems at least 100,000 hardcore Game of Thrones fans have already got a jump start on the new season.

This has left some wondering if HBO can recover from the leak, but if history is any indicator the show will do just fine. In fact, Torrent Freak notes that over the past three years Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show so there is no reason to believe 2015 will be any different.

Will you be watching the highly anticipated Game of Thrones Season 5 premier or did you already catch the first four episodes in the great GOT leak of 2015?