Hillary Clinton Will Be An Excellent President, Says Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has high words of praise for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reported the Huffington Post. Clinton announced officially her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president today. Hillary had also sought the nomination in 2008 and was defeated by then-Senator Barack Obama.

“He says she became a great supporter of his in the general election that year, and that she was an outstanding secretary of state during his first term,” the Huffington Post reported, “Says Obama: ‘I think she would be an excellent president.’ He adds that Clinton will have strong messages to deliver if she does decide to run.”

President Obama made the comment at a news conference from Panama, ABC News reported today. Obama declined to comment on other candidates for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

“Not only have I run my last election, but I am not in the business of prognosticating future elections,” ABC News reported Barack Obama as saying. “That’s your job and there is no shortage of people who are happy to opine on that. I will not be one.”

Hillary Clinton had run a strong campaign for the Democrat nomination in 2008 and received almost as many votes in the primary and caucuses as Barack Obama. The 2008 Democratic Convention, by a narrow majority, nominated Obama for the presidency, who went on to win the general election over Republican nominee John McCain.

“Since leaving the State Department, Clinton has maintained close ties with the president, visiting him at the White House and staying in contact via e-mail. But Obama has yet to formally say whether he will endorse Clinton,” ABC News reported.

Hillary Clinton announced her run for the presidency today, the Inquisitr reported, explaining, “Former Secretary of State and New York Senator, Hillary Clinton, will be announcing her second run for the presidency this Sunday, CNN.com is reporting. After announcing, Clinton will be making visits in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Clinton announced her campaign with a video profiling her background and campaign for president for 2016. Hillary vows to run a strong campaign for president as if she has to “aggressively fight” for the nomination rather than running as a strong front-runner who may take for granted getting the votes to win the nomination contest.

Will Hillary Clinton win the nomination this year? That remains to be seen, but in the mean time, we will see how Hillary starts this campaign and possibly see candidates like former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee as challengers to Hillary.

[AP Photo of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from the Huffington Post]