‘Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles’ Goes Viral As Imperial Forces Take Over

Imperial forces have descended on Los Angeles in a new Star Wars fan film, the latest clip to make its way online as fans excitedly await the next trailer for The Force Awakens.

“Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles” is the work of filmmaker and artist Kaipo Jones, who uploaded the two-minute-long video to YouTube on April 10, according to the Los Angeles Sun Times. Garnering over 33,000 views in just a day, the clip depicts a variety of iconic Imperial forces from Star Wars occupying Los Angeles, invading the city and securing its most famous landmarks.

Imperial Star Destroyers and a half-completed Death Star hang in the sky over the city, as TIE Fighters do battle with severely over-matched jet fighters. A force of AT-AT and AT-ST walkers occupy the streets of the city, demolishing any vehicles brave enough to move as an imperial shuttle flies overhead. Taking in the scene from a distance, a lone Sith watches as the Empire’s forces overwhelm the city, igniting his lightsaber only at the film’s end.

Though the clip was primarily made to feature Jones’ love of Star Wars, he also hid over 25 “Easter eggs” in the short film, referencing a number of other movies, primarily from Disney. As Dork Side Of The Force points out, a second video was uploaded to YouTube, highlighting the various references, which range from a Frozen poster to the Titanic sailing through Los Angeles Harbor. Even the Hollywood sign isn’t spared, becoming a Disney billboard in this Star Wars-themed alternate reality.

Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles” follows in the footsteps of several notable fan films that have been released over the last few months. As the Inquisitr previously reported, an eight-minute-long clip, TIE Fighter, went viral after it was released last month, blending Star Wars with anime. Prior to that, Imperial forces were depicted taking on the Federation in a Star Wars vs. Star Trek mashup film that also spread quickly among fans. More recently, a short film depicting R2-D2 falling in love captivated Star Wars fans with its simple but poignant plot.

Fans have already asserted that Jones’ take on the Star Wars universe is one of the best, and some have expressed their hopes that “Invasion Los Angeles” could lead the talented filmmaker to join forces with Disney.

[Image: Kaipo Jones via Twitter]