Drunk Thug Knocks Over Elderly Man Causing Serious Injury, Recorder Of Video Laughs Hysterically [Video]

A video of a drunken man has gone viral, causing outrage in the United Kingdom and worldwide. The video shows a very drunken man hobble toward an elderly gentleman at the Aintree Race course. As he approaches the elderly man, the drunk thug bumps into the elderly man. The elderly man attempts to regain his balance, but falls hard to the ground, hitting his head. The thump heard on the video reveals the seriousness of the injury as onlookers rush to his aid. Meanwhile, the drunk thug and the recorder of the video laugh hysterically at the painful incident as one individual frantically calls for someone to get an ambulance.

According to the Liverpool Echo, police are aware of the viral incident and are looking for the drunk thug and the recorder in an attempt to question them and bring justice to the elderly victim. Individuals at the scene were stricken with disgust at the incident and could not believe the assailant and his recording partner were having so much fun with it. One individual on the scene, Gary Mangan, shared his disgust on Facebook.

“I was the lad putting him in the recovery position!! He was bleeding and his teeth where on the floor! Unaware at the time he had pushed him but I could hear the lad filming laughing so I shouted after them and that fat pri*ck tried to land one on me which I seen coming from 6 miles away! That’s when I found out he pushed him they told me it was no accident!!!”

Mangan also revealed that he chased both assailants away, hoping to capture them for the authorities. Despite their get away, they felt the desire to post the incident on social media, where the attacker’s face was clearly revealed and the laughter was captured in all its horrific mockery.

According to the Blaze, Phillip Dears is the recorder of the video. He posted on Facebook his clarification of the event and stated that the brief video does not capture the entire story or their realization of how serious the injury was.

“Its important everyone who knows me reads this. The video of my mate bumping into that old fella going viral was filmed by me. This was a total accident my mate was smashed and I was filming him staggering down the street.”

Dears voluntarily visited the police station to speak to the investigators and share his knowledge. He later posted to share his visit and pleaded with readers not to rush to judgement.


He continued.


The status of the elderly gentleman is unknown at this time.

[Photo Courtesy: The Blaze]