South African Woman Barely Escapes 13-Foot Python Attack In Her Home

Python attack

A woman in Lephalale, South Africa, barely escaped after being attacked by a 13-foot python in her home. She had a “strange feeling” around her leg, looked down, and discovered the huge snake wrapping itself tightly around her leg. She then struggled to free herself from the python attack.

It happened Saturday morning as 44-year-old Janet Prinsloo, who had just showered and dressed, was getting ready to start her day.

News 24 reports that she suddenly experienced a strange feeling in her leg, and after looking down, she saw the four-meter python beginning to wrap itself tightly around the limb. She told the South African media following the python attack that it was the most terrible constricting feeling.

Realizing what the python was planning on wrapping itself around her entire body, she struggled to free herself, but the more she struggled, the tighter the snake’s grip became. While struggling, the snake also bit her several times, and her leg was bleeding.

“The snake had a big head and teeth and I realized I had to get him off me. There was blood everywhere because the snake was biting me.”

The Citizen, whose website has a photo of Prinsloo’s leg, said fortunately Prinsloo was eventually able to free herself from the monster python. She put a pillow between her and the snake, which then slithered under her bed.

While all this was going on, her 9-year-old son, Jakobus Botha, and his friend, Martin Olivier, heard the screaming coming from the next room and ran to help, discovering Prinsloo in the midst of the python attack. Her son then jumped out of the open window and ran to fetch Prinsloo’s fiancé, Brent Birk.

Birk immediately rushed to her house and attempted to stop the bleeding from her leg. Realizing the dangers involved, Birk tied a shoelace around Prinsloo’s leg and then rushed her to the nearest hospital, 50 kilometers away. After going through various snake ID cards, Prinsloo was able to identify the type of snake that had attacked her.

Prinsloo apparently received five injections before she could leave the hospital and has since sought counseling due to the traumatizing nature of the python attack.

Apparently, Birk went back to the house from the hospital to kill the snake in the aftermath of the python attack.

The story brings to mind another similar incident reported on the Inquisitr, where a teenage girl headed into the bathroom, only to find a six-foot albino snake curled comfortably on the radiator. It seems that those who slither have found out just how comfortable our homes are.

[Image: Python CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Dezinerfolio]