Parents Sell $270,000 Family Home In Order To Send Their Kid To Private School


For some parents, their kid’s education means everything, and many often make great sacrifices in order to ensure their children get the best teachers at the best schools.

Then there are parents who go all the way to ensure their kids get educated in a private school, and they will stop at nothing to make sure that happens.

One example of such parents is Craig and Bonnie Morgan from England, who have put their $270,000 home up for sale in a bid to send their son, CJ, to a local private school.

Unfortunately, selling the house was not enough. The Morgans have now cut their weekly grocery bills as well as taken in lodgers to supplement their income.

Mrs. Morgan told reporters, “We believe any child will benefit more from what a private education has to offer. There is simply no comparison.”

Morgan continued, “We always knew CJ was very bright. By the age of two he could recite the continents and at nursery he was identified as gifted and talented.By six he knew what every road sign meant and was reading paperbacks. Teachers say he is at least two years ahead academically compared with other children of the same age. And we’ve been told if he continues as he is doing with his maths, he is likely to gain a maths scholarship when he goes to senior school.”

Due to his great mind, as well as the fact he is an overachiever, CJ was bullied at his school.

His mother recalled, “He won a trophy for his go-karting hobby and after taking it to school he was constantly taunted by two boys. He started coming home in tears.”

When the bullying turned more serious, Mrs. Morgan added that it was time to take CJ out of public school.

“The final straw came when one yob yelled in his face and another punched CJ for nothing. The staff agreed it was an unprovoked attack but CJ no longer wanted to go to school. He started biting his nails and becoming withdrawn,” she said.

Nevertheless, despite the Morgans’ dream to send CJ to the prestigious Battle Abbey Prep School, the $6,000-per-semester school fees were just too much for the family to handle.

As a result, the Morgans sold their house and forwent a whole bunch of things for the sake of CJ’s education.

“Holidays are out and even day trips aren’t possible as we can’t afford the petrol. CJ and Alfie have given up their bedrooms so we can rent them out. It means they have to sleep in the same bedroom as Craig and me,” said Morgan.

Nevertheless, the Morgans have no regrets, as the new prep school is perfect for CJ, who is thriving and happy there.

His proud mother said, “Every day I pick CJ up from school he has a smile on his face. He is full of enthusiasm and inspired by his lessons. Craig and I will always know we did the very best we could.”

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