Nina Dobrev: Will Her ‘Vampire Diaries’ Character Meet A Grisly End? [Spoilers]

Nina Dobrev Exits Vampire Diaries Season 6

Nina Dobrev has made it official: she’s leaving the CW’s Vampire Diaries at the end of the sixth season. The only question now is, how will her character, Elena Gilbert, see her story end? And will it be the fairy tale ending fans are hoping for or will she meet a more grisly, untimely fate?

Kaitlin Thomas of TV, offered her take on Dobrev’s fate, and it might not be what some fans are expecting to hear. “The show’s recent reintroduction of the cure storyline in ‘A Bird in a Gilded Cage’ presents a possible way out, as the writers could cure Elena’s vampirism and kill her or cure her vampirism and compel her away from Mystic Falls.”

She continues, siding with a fate for Nina’s character that does not end well.

“The first option seems more likely, since Elena’s only “family” is in Mystic Falls and she’s not going to join Jeremy in his vampire-hunting endeavors. But the point is, there’s really no reason for the series to have brought back one of its most-hated past storylines unless it’s going to come into play for Elena later on.”

Hollywood Life, however, is reporting that Nina Dobrev herself would be willing to return to The Vampire Diaries universe if there were ever a movie made, leading many to speculate that her character Elena Gilbert will not die after all. Aside from a movie, their source also indicated the show’s producers would “consider having her return during the [series] finale,” another indication that Dobrev’s character may make it out alive.

“The show wants to give Nina her proper finish,” an inside production source said. “[They want to] make it mean something. She deserves it.” They also added the show’s producers wouldn’t “bastardize” whatever end Nina’s character meets by adding her to next season, even in a guest spot situation.

One thing’s for certain, however, the exit of Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries has renewed interest in the show. And as reported by the Inquistr, the storyline surrounding her character’s final season could actually end up breathing new life into The Vampire Diaries both commercially and creatively.

The show’s executive producer Julie Plec meanwhile is actually using Dobrev’s departure as an opportunity to interact with fans. Despite telling Entertainment Weekly that she “won’t comment [to fans] on how we will exit her,” if a fan were to guess correctly how Nina’s character will exit, Plec would “personally take them to lunch—or a Skype cocktail hour—to talk about being a writer because clearly they should be one.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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