Prison Officers Arranged ‘Fight Club’ Brawls Between Inmates At British Jail

fight club

A new report is alleging that prison officers at one of Britain‘s toughest jails arranged Fight Club style brawls between rival inmates, encouraging them to fight violently for their mutual entertainment.

The former prison service worker who made the claims, Peter Hiett, said that inmates at Feltham Young Offenders Institution were regularly taken to padded cells and told to work things out with their fists.

Hiett claims that the gang culture at Feltham was so bad that officers were scared to visit some wings for fear of being attacked by inmates.

He also claims that prison officials cooked the books in order to portray Feltham as not such a violent institution, despite the culture of violence and intimidation prevalent there.

Hiett, who worked at the facility for many years, also claimed that a female prison officer had sex with a teenager who had been convicted for murder in his cell

Hiett claims he was squeezed out of the prison service when he became a whistleblower and was asked to move on.

“The managers thought it would be a good idea to house all the members of each different London gang on a separate wing. So you would get large groups from, for example, the Mandem crew, or the DSN (Don’t Say Nothing) gang, who would hang around together. There would be 15 or 20 lads from the same gang on the same wing. They would protect each other, deal drugs. And if they saw another gang member all hell broke loose – their wars don’t stop when they’re behind bars.”

The former prison guard claims that the fighting was like a sport to the prison officers involved, revealing, “It was like a sport for them. If two inmates had a grudge they’d put them together in a room to sort it out. They would pad it out with mattresses and gym mats so nobody got really hurt. They only stopped when one was knocked out or couldn’t defend themselves any more.”

In recounting the incident between the female prison guard and the convicted murderer, Hiett said about Emma Beard, “She was going into McLean’s cell on her own. If anyone came she’d pretend she was searching it. You should not go into a cell without someone else present.”

And Hiett isn’t the only one who claims there is a culture of severe violence at Feltham, as general secretary Steve Gillam said, “Assaults in Feltham are widespread. This government has not properly invested in prisons. It is dangerous for both prisoners and staff.”

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