Mother Outraged After Facebook Removes Picture Of Her Son Who Was Born Without A Nose

Baby Born Without nose

A mother was outraged after Facebook chose to remove photos of her newborn son who was born without a nose. The photos were deemed “too controversial” and removed by the social media giant.

According to WKRG, baby Timothy Eli Thompson was born prematurely without a nose, nasal passages or sinus cavities. His mother, Brandi McGlathery says that she posted photos of her newborn son just like many new mothers do. However, she was shocked to learn that Facebook had removed one of her son’s photos, stating it was “too controversial and shocking.”

McGlathery set up a Facebook page called Eli’s Story that chronicles Eli’s journey as a baby without a nose. McGlathery says a pro-life organization shared Eli’s photo along with a link to the Eli’s Story page, but Facebook removed the posting after it was reported. McGlathery says she sees distasteful things on Facebook all the time and that her son was not one of them. She refused to stop posting photos of her newborn and after the story went viral, Facebook reinstated the photograph.

“I posted the status with a link about it saying no one’s going to keep me from posting photos of my child. If I can see completely distasteful things on Facebook all day long, then I can post a picture of my son. He was everywhere and he broke the internet!”

McGlathery says in addition to Facebook temporarily removing photos of her son, she has also received messages from Facebook users asking her why she didn’t have an abortion and calling her son ugly. One particularly heart-wrenching message told McGlathery that since she didn’t get an abortion, she should give “that thing” up for adoption now.

“He’s so ugly, don’t you wish you would have had an abortion? Jesus, give that thing up for adoption.”

The mother says that the messages are hard to read, but that she has the maturity to respond.

“That took a lot of maturity to not respond the way that the mom in me wanted to!”

In her response, Brandi told the woman judging her infant son that his face is “far more beautiful” than her heart. The problems on Facebook pale in comparison to the real-world decisions that must be made by the family for the care of baby Eli. Brandi says that they have big decisions to make in regards to what type of treatment option is best for their baby. The family must decide if they will opt for one major surgery when Eli hits puberty, or if they will have smaller surgeries each year beginning when Eli turns one.

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Eli’s Story]