Pedestrian Killed In San Francisco Police Chase, Second Pedestrian Struck By Fleeing Car [Video]

Pedestrian Killed Police Chase

A pedestrian was killed in a car chase Friday night when a fleeing car ran over the victim and struck another. The incident occurred in San Francisco where police were desperately trying to stop runaway suspects who’d committed a number of robberies within the last three days. Fox News reports that the suspects are still on the loose as of Saturday.

Police were trying to thwart the robbery suspects, who were driving a stolen car around 10 p.m. Law enforcement was going after them moments after the criminals committed another robbery.

Several witnesses riding a cable car saw a portion of the police chase. They witnessed the black car with a severely damaged windshield go airborne, KGO-TV reported. The car kept moving as police continued chasing it, but the vehicle hit a pedestrian at a crosswalk — killing her. It happened at California and Kearny streets in the Financial District. An officer on a police radio could be heard saying, “I need an ambulance Code 3. The suspect vehicle hit this person, and she went flying.”

The pedestrian killed in the car chase has been identified as Bridget Klecker, 42, of San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office. The second pedestrian hit by the fleeing car was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Another pedestrian was struck at Post and Powell streets near Union Square, according to police. Soon after, the car crashed into a parked vehicle and sped off in the South of Market neighborhood.

Later on, police discovered the car unattended on Treasure Island off the Bay Bridge. SF Gate reports that the stolen car the three suspects were in was a 2013 Toyota Corolla.

There were three people were inside the parked car that the robbery suspects crashed into before they absconded the stolen car. The car was totaled, but the driver and two other passengers were unharmed. The driver saw the runaway car and managed to veer away from the worst part of the car chase, which could have been far worse. They still got hit, but she said she was “able to avoid what could have been a pretty bad accident.”

A search for the three men is still ongoing. Police recovered two guns they believe were thrown from the car during their chase of the suspects.

As of Saturday afternoon, there’s no update that authorities have found the three suspect responsible for killing a pedestrian during the wild car chase.

[Photo Credit: Patrick Traughber/Twitter]