Hilarious Video Of Golden Retriever Eating Corn On The Cob Goes Viral [Video]

Golden retriever eats corn on the cob

Feeding a dog may seem like a pretty mundane task. However, for the owner of Coco-chan the Golden Retriever, it garners over 2.2 million views on YouTube. The Golden Retriever can be seen chowing down on a cob of corn, but the dog doesn’t just shove the cob in her mouth. Instead, the polite dog eats the corn from the cob row by row.

The video was uploaded back in September of 2013. However, it was recently shared by Viral Nova, sending its views through the roof. The video features Coco-chan eating way at a corn on the cob. The dog can be seen gently plucking the corn kernels from the cob with delicate care. She removes all of the kernels from one row and then proceeds to the next.

While many dogs may dive right into the cob, ripping away at the corn with disregard for all manners. It seems that Coco-chan does her best to remain tidy throughout her entire meal. Not only does she use the best of doggie manners, she also finishes her meal in its entirety, leaving not a single corn kernel behind. The adorable video has been viewed over 2.2 million times as of the time of this posting, and it seems that Coco-chan now has her own fan club.

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What do you think of Coco-chan the Golden Retriever’s impeccable manners while devouring her corn on the cob?