Hairy stuff: New Jersey may ban Brazilian waxes

Brazilian, and similar waxing styles could be banned in New Jersey under a proposal to be considered by the state’s Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

The ban on genital waxing comes after complaints to the board from two women who were injured and hospitalized after being waxed. New Jersey allows waxing of the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen, but according to officials genital waxing has always been illegal, although not specifically spelled out. quoted salon owner Linda Orsuto saying that women would “go ballistic” if the proposal passed. “She said that some women would resort to waxing themselves, visiting unlicensed salons or traveling to other states, including Pennsylvania, in a quest to remain bare down there.”

Most salons in New Jersey currently offer the service, although some have stopped since it was disclosed that the practice may be illegal already. The board makes its decision in April