Michael Slager’s Mother Karen Sharpe Reportedly ‘In Denial’ About Walter Scott Shooting

Another highly publicized shooting of an unarmed African-American male has been making headlines all week. For those who missed it, 50-year-old Walter Scott was shot in the back several times by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.

During the routine traffic stop for a broken tail light, Scott jumped out of the vehicle and proceeded to run. It has been reported that Scott wanted to avoid interactions with police because he owed an estimated $18,000 in back child support. Apparently, he became nervous about interacting with Slager out of fear that he’d be arrested.

“He had trouble keeping up with the payments, that’s all, and he knew he would go to jail,” his older brother Rodney Scott said. “His mission was to avoid the police as much as possible.”

So, he fled. Slager can be seen shooting him in the back eight times as he made an attempt to flee the scene. On Thursday, April 9, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division released the dash cam footage, which captured the moments prior to the fatal shooting. It has been reported that the footage only confirmed suspicious about the multiple gunshot wounds in Scott’s back. Now, Slager is facing murder charges.

During a recent interview with ABC News, she stated that she didn’t believe her son would do something like this. Despite the footage of the shooting, she’s still “in denial,” reports News One. She admitted that she cannot even bear to watch the gut-wrenching video.

“I just can’t,” Sharpe said. “Maybe to some people, ‘Well, you’re being in denial,’ but I’m sorry I just can’t. I just I know how Michael is. He has a little baby on the way, due next month, and they worked so hard for this baby,” she said.

“I know he would go to all the appointments, all the OB appointments, and he had to miss it today. She was just so sad because he was not there and I know that he would not do something purposeful to not be able to be with his wife during the delivery. They just tried so hard for this.”

Sharpe went on to discuss how the highly publicized shooting has impacted her life. She also made it clear that she has no desire to fathom how much time her son could spend behind bars for the fatal shooting. Although there is a strong possibility he could be convicted for Scott’s death, Sharpe insists the shooting was not “a racial thing.”

“I just have to let it be and hope God takes care of everybody involved — not only my family but the Scott’s family — because I know they’re grieving just like I’m grieving,” she said. “Nobody likes to see their child sitting in prison,” Sharpe said.

“You don’t think it is something that will ever happen to you, but I have to just believe that… I just have to believe that everything will work out.”

On Tuesday, April 7, Slager was arrested and charged with the murder of Walter Scott. He is currently being held at the Charleston County Jail. Do you think Karen Sharpe is in denial about her son’s actions where the shooting is concerned? Share your thoughts.

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