Serial Bride Lianna Barrientos Married 10 Men From ‘Red Flag’ Countries

“Serial bride” Lianna Barrientos was is accused of marrying 10 men from red flag countries as a part of a “wife-for-hire” immigration scam. Barrientos was deported back to Pakistan for making threatening statements against the United States in 2006 after an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Lianna Barrientos has married 10 men during the last 11 years and allegedly received a fee for her marital “services.” She was allegedly married to at least four and possibly eight men at the same time. The serial bride captured the attention of law enforcement when she stated on her tenth wedding application that the ceremony was her “first and only marriage.” All of the marriages took place in New York and allegedly began in 1999.

lianna barrientos
Liamma Barrientos

The Department of Homeland Security, DHS, was involved in the investigation into the serial bride. A video of Lianna Barrientos leaving court reportedly showed the serial bride cursing, throwing punches, and spitting at the cameras as she covers her face. Barrientos pleaded not guilty to the charge of being married to multiple men who could “pose a threat” to the safety of Americans.

Barrientos is a native of the Dominican Republic. Before being arrested for being married to multiple men at the same time in February, she lived in the Bronx with her boyfriend and their two children. During court proceedings, the prosecutors leading the case said that Lianna Barrientos married men from Egypt, Bangladesh, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan, Mali, and Georgia. All of the grooms’ countries are “red flags” nations for immigration. The serial bride would allegedly spell her name somewhat differently on each marriage license to avoid detection.

National security expert Manny Gomez had something to say about the serial bride during an interview with WABC News.

“If someone could remarry 10 times without bringing it to the attention of the authorities, potentially an al-Qaeda plant could come in, marry this woman and be in this country illegally, plotting, recruiting, perhaps even executing a terrorist attack.”

The serial bride could spend eight years in prison if she is convicted of the marriage-for-hire charges levied against her. After she left court on Friday, Lianna Barrientos, 37, and a 19-year-old niece, allegedly used an emergency exit door in an attempt to avoid paying a subway fare, and the serial bride was arrested again. The second arrest occurred shortly after the judge in the multiple marriages case told her to “stay out of trouble.”

Lianna Barrientos has reportedly been arrested multiple times with charges ranging from loitering, drug possession, and jumping a turnstile to trespassing.

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