New Yorkers Blame Biden for a ‘Migrant Crisis,’ They Believe It’s a ‘Very Serious’ Problem

New Yorkers Blame Biden for a ‘Migrant Crisis,’ They Believe It’s a ‘Very Serious’ Problem
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It appears that even blue states have serious concerns about President Joe Biden, which could lead to political difficulties for him.

A vast majority of New York citizens blame Biden for allowing the migrant issue to spin out of hand, according to a new poll released on October 24. According to a poll conducted by Siena College, an astounding 84% of voters think that the immigration crisis is a severe one, with 57% categorizing it as a "very" serious situation, the New York Post reported. Merely 12% of participants expressed that the issue is not grave.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong


“It’s a sad case, and Biden doesn’t even care. This is a federal problem and has always been a federal problem,” said Maria Ortiz, 37, who works in retail. “I’m not voting for him. I voted to get him in office, and it’s [been] my biggest regret since,” she added. 

“While other issues in Washington and abroad have largely driven the news cycle over the last few weeks, the influx of migrants to New York remains top of mind for voters, with 84% saying it’s a serious—57% very serious—problem for the state,” said Steve Greenberg, who's the pollster at Sienna College. “Seldom do we see an issue where at least 79% of Democrats, Republicans, independents, men, women, upstaters, downstaters, blacks, whites, Latinos, Catholics, Jews, and Protestants all agree—that the migrant influx is a serious problem.”


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In August, New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on the federal government to declare a state of emergency to deal with the "crisis" at the border, claiming that the inflow of asylum seekers might cost the city billions of dollars over the next few years, NBC News reported. According to Adams, more than 57,000 refugees are housed in the city on any given night, and around 100,000 asylum seekers have sought refuge there since last year.

He went on to say that declaring a national emergency will "allow federal funds to be allocated quickly to help address the urgent challenges we face." According to the mayor's office, New York spent $1.45 billion on shelter, food, and assistance for asylum seekers in fiscal year 2023 and might spend "upwards of $12 billion" in fiscal years 2023-25 if no policy changes or additional support are implemented. The Adams administration is requesting that the federal government reimburse the city for additional costs.

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It seems Biden is trapped in inaction because of the delicate politics surrounding the immigration issue and what the administration perceives as legal handcuffs preventing significant action. People wanting to start over in the United States are facing a dire humanitarian crisis in major cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) told Axios last month that it's unclear why the Biden administration hasn't taken more aggressive action. "I wrote to him in May, so it's been like four months, but I hope to find out."


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