Cops Punch Pregnant Woman On Video, But Did Deanna Robinson Assault An Officer, Reach For A Gun?

Cops Punch Pregnant Woman On Video, But Did Deanna Robinson Assault An Officer And Reach For A Gun?

A viral video shows cops punching a 38 weeks pregnant woman named Deanna Robinson repeatedly after she refused to let Child Protective Services (CPS) remove her child from the home. But the police officers defend their actions by saying that it was really a case of Robinson assaulting an officer, and they even claim the pregnant woman was reaching for the deputy’s gun.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the incident first began when an argument between Deanna Robinson and her husband was told to a teacher by her stepson who has cerebral palsy. CPS workers were sent in to remove an 18-month-old child, but Robinson refused and struck one deputy in the face. In response, Deputy Josh Robinson punched the pregnant woman “three or four times in the back as her stomach pounded against the kitchen cabinet. She was then placed in jail for six days based on charges of resisting arrest, interfering with child custody and assaulting an officer.”

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said Deputy Robinson is currently not being disciplined for his actions, nor was he removed from active duty. The sheriff also says it is possible Deanna Robinson may have been reaching for the deputy’s gun, and the deputy said part of his ammunition belt came loose during the struggle.

“I believe by looking at it that he is trying to keep her hands away from his gun, and that will take however many blows it takes to keep her away from his gun,” Meeks said. “If someone gets your gun, you can be killed by a pregnant woman just as well as a 16-year-old child.”

Meeks also claims that Robinson was uncooperative when in jail. A nurse who examined the pregnant woman claimed to have not found any bruises from the alleged attack from the police officer, but photos of Robinson taken after being released show large bruise on her stomach.

In response to these allegations, Deanna Robinson denies that she assaulted anyone, says she never reached for a gun, and claims the sheriff’s department is lying.

“There’s absolutely no excuse and no justification for what happened to me,” Robinson said, according to WFAA. “They could have killed my baby. I am not guilty of any of the things I’m being accused of. I didn’t assault anyone. They’re going to try to paint it in whatever light they can to try to increase the controversy to try to hide the truth.”

Deanna Robinson also happens to be decorated Iraq war veteran who received the Airman’s Medal after helping drag several soldiers from a burning plane. Scott Cornuaud, Robinson’s lawyer, said he plans to use the video showing the cop punching the pregnant woman if she is indicted on a felony charge for assaulting a police officer.

“You’ve got no credibility unless you’ve got it on video,” he said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “It would have been like many other cases in which they make accusations like this and nobody would believe them.”

Initially, the sheriff department’s Facebook page said they were investigating the video and Robinson’s claims internally, but Meeks says this responsibility is now being handled by a third party.

“I have requested that the Texas Rangers conduct an independent investigation into this incident in the interest of transparency and preserving public confidence in the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office,” Meeks said. “I believe before judgment is rendered the whole truth needs to be examined.”

Fortunately, Deanna Robinson gave birth to a healthy baby boy on March 15, 2015. CPS workers have only let her visit the infant every other day, and her toddler and three stepchildren remain in CPS custody.

[Image via WFAA]