Touching Video Shows A Mother Elephant Being Reunited With Her Daughter After Three Years Apart

One mother elephant was reunited with her daughter after three years of separation. The video shows the mother elephant, overcome with emotions as she sees her daughter again.

The National Geographic reports that the video was shot by the nonprofit organization Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in northern Thailand. The mother, Mae Yui, was separated from her young daughter, Me-Bai, when she was just three and a half years old. Me-Bai was removed from her mother and taken to another part of Thailand to be used as a tourist attraction. The young elephant was forced to give rides to tourists until she became so weak and frail that she could no longer carry the tourists. The organization rescued the weak elephant and brought her to the sanctuary.

Soon after bringing Me-Bai to the sanctuary, rescuers discovered that the elephant’s mother was working in the tourist industry nearby. The organization reached out to the owners of Mae-Yui and they agreed that the aging elephant could be retired. The organization then coordinated to reunite the mother-daughter elephant pair and filmed their reunion. The results is a heart-warming testament to a mother’s love.

In the video, you can watch as Mae-Yui seems overcome by emotions as she sees her daughter. The pair can then be seen happily waving their ears and touching each other with their trunks. Eventually, the two can be seen leaning against one another with their trunks intertwined.

The elephant sanctuary points out that mother elephants typically stay close to their children for approximately eleven years. Therefore, the reunion comes at a time when Me-Bai will benefit greatly from time spent next to her mother.

Similarly, another video captured a mother elephant spending 11 hours trying to save her baby from a muddy well.

The Elephant Nature Park sanctuary is now trying to rehabilitate both mother and daughter so that they can be released back into the wild together and finally live free.