‘Botched’ Plastic Surgery Season 2 TV Show Features Dwight Eubanks, Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard


The TV show called Botched on E! is getting more popular as it prepares to enter its new season, and the preview video of the guests who are scheduled to appear on the Botched show about plastic surgeries gone wrong proves that they’ve upped the ante and viewer interest in fixing botched nose jobs and the like. As reported by People, Dr. Terry Dubrow is both a plastic surgeon and one of the stars of Botched, a doctor who described to the publication just how much more popular season 2 was than the prior season based on the amount of prospective patients’ applications.

“Last season we only had 500 or 600 applicants for surgery. This time we had 6,000.”

One of those patients that made the cut was Dwight Eubanks, a man well known for his appearances on shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Dwight can be seen in the Botched season 2 promo video showing off his backside — but according to Sister 2 Sister, it was Eubanks’ new nose that received the Botched plastic surgery fixing. His redone nose can be seen at events like the Lisa Nicole Collection Fashion Show.

Another popular reality TV show star that makes an appearance in the new Botched season is Tiffany Pollard — a woman who was known by the moniker of “New York” when she first appeared on Flavor of Love, a dating-style show that marketed itself as sort of a urban version of The Bachelor.

In the Botched promotional video, Tiffany talks about being raised in a small town with a grandparent who was a pastor, so that meant she spent most of her time at church or in school — a pretty sheltered existence. According to TMZ, Pollard received a breast reduction and nose job. Tiffany did admit getting a huge set of breast implants years after seeing Dolly Parton on TV and vowing to herself that she’d emulate the country star’s style.

Tiffany’s implants didn’t go smoothly when she originally received them from a previous doctor, with the reality star describing how they hardened and made her breasts look droopy.

“We picked the hardest and craziest and the most unfixable stories out there. It’s basically season 1 on steroids.”

Dr. Dubrow is also using the newfound popularity of the Botched plastic surgery show to hawk his new line of skincare products designed for folks who don’t want surgery. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Botched doctor previously met with Farrah Abraham after her messed up lip job.

[Image via Botched]