Secret Service Agent Arrested After Trying To Kick In Ex-Girlfriend’s Door

A secret service agent was arrested after he tried to kick in his ex-girlfriend’s door. The 29-year-old agent was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary and destruction of property after the late night attack on his ex-girlfriend’s home.

According to the Washington Post, the secret service agent’s ex-girlfriend says that she arrived at her apartment to find the hinges of her door broken, a boot print on the door and windows shattered. She called police and told them that she had an ex-boyfriend who was a police officer that wouldn’t “leave her alone.” One of the officers responding to the incident noted that the woman appeared to be “in fear of her life” while speaking about the incident. However, when police arrived, the ex-boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

A short time later, police say that secret service agent Arthur Baldwin arrived back at the scene and admitted to kicking in the door. However, he claims he did not break the windows and doesn’t know who did. Baldwin carries a service pistol and informed officers that the pistol was in a backpack in his car. Police found the pistol which was loaded with one cartridge of live ammunition. Baldwin was subsequently arrested on charges of burglary and destruction of property. The ex-girlfriend said she didn’t want her ex to lose his job over the incident but wants to be left alone.

The Daily Mail notes that Baldwin has not been fired from the secret service agent position with the Foreign Missions Branch. He has also had all his security clearances suspended for the time being. Though he wasn’t fired, he has been placed on administrative leave following the arrest. During his initial hearing, a judge has also ordered the agent to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

It seems the secret service has been having a rash of incidents involving their officers as of late. In fact, earlier this week, a senior secret service manager was put on leave after allegations by a female agent of assault. The assault allegedly took place after a party and is being investigated as a sex crime. Another startling incident that the secret service is currently investigating involved two agents who hindered a White House bomb threat investigation by driving into the closed off area after a retirement party.

What do you think should happen to the secret service agent who attempted to break down his ex-girlfriend’s door? Should someone with this type of history be allowed to return to the secret service?

[Image Credit: Chris Livingston/ Getty Images]