‘Rude’ Waitress Video Viral: Customers Try To Expose ‘Rude’ Waitress, But Footage Backfires [Video]

Footage of a seemingly “rude” waitress has gone viral, but not for the reason you may think. A frustrated waitress recently shared a YouTube video via Reddit to voice her concerns about the difficulties she faces working with customers in the food industry. Although she’s not the waitress in the video, it’s quite easy to see why one would become frustrated when interacting with customers.

However, based on the title of the video, the customers are actually insisting that the waitress was being rude to them. So, in an effort to expose her, a YouTube user named Andrew Mora, presumably one of the customers in the group, uploaded the video to YouTube.

But, surprisingly, they haven’t exactly gotten the response they were expecting. Most viewers actually agree with the frustrated Reddit user, citing that the customers were actually impatient and rude to the waitress.

The two-minute clip begins with the group of friends complaining about the waitress. Apparently, she was a bit slow removing empty plates from the table and refilling their drinks due to the overwhelming number of tables she had at the time. So, one of the guys decided to confront her.

Instead of signalling to get her attention, he allegedly decided to yell across the room. Once the waitress finally returns to the table, the guy states his demands in a seemingly brash manner. So, the waitress kindly asked him not to be so rude and assured him their drinks would be refilled.

“Oh my God! This happens to me everywhere I go,” the guy says to one of his friends. “She said, ‘Don’t be so rude.’ Am I being rude?”

When, she explained that she was working a number of tables, the guy asked, “Why was that his problem.?” Instead of answering the question, she calmingly reassured him that the drinks would be refilled. After she walked away, the man revealed that he has seemingly awkward interactions with waitresses quite often. That’s when the video ended.

Many viewers have shared their opinion of the video via Reddit. The clip now has over 1,500 comments. Of course, many viewers slammed the rude guy in the video. But, many also commended the waitress for her level of patience while dealing with the rude group of customers. Here’s what some viewers had to say.

“You understand service.
There’s no benefit in pointing out a customer’s rude behavior. Unless you’re planning to wildly escalate the scenario you just smile and nod. Service jobs are where you learn self control or that you’re incapable of self control. Entitled tw*ts are a dime a dozen. Opening a dialogue with one regarding their behavior is a road to nowhere”

Who do you think was rude? The waitress or the customer?

[Image via YouTube]