Listen To Chris Pratt’s Ridiculous ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song

In addition to being one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, Chris Pratt is also a lyricist. The actor has everyone cracking up with his own rendition of Jurassic Park’s theme song, complete with lyrics.

In a recent appearance on MTV to promote the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Pratt sang, “It’s Jurassic Park! It’s Jurassic Park! And the dinosaurs will flip out and eat someone, run!” The actor sure got his lyrics right, as People wrote that the lyrics that “he came up with cuts right to the heart of the series.”

It is no secret that the actor is fond of the Jurassic Park series. When Pratt was cast in the sequel, he was ecstatic about being involved in the film. He revealed that since then, he has always been a big fan of Jurassic Park even referring to it as “kind of my Star Wars.

“I lined up at the theater to see it, I saw it opening night, I saw every sequel. I’ve seen it a whole bunch of times… for me that was my big movie, I think I was 13 or 14 when it came out.

“So it’s a big deal for me to be any part of that, let alone this part I’m going to be playing. I’m thrilled about it. Everybody around the world knows that franchise. When you say Jurassic Park, no one is like, ‘What’s Jurassic Park?’ More people know Jurassic Park than just about anything.”

Jurassic World is the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park series and will be released in theaters on June 12. The storyline of the film uses the same theme as its predecessors. Basically, Jurassic World is still about nature taking revenge on greedy human beings.

The new Jurassic Park installment features the realization of the vacation destination that Jurassic Park creator John Hammond envisioned 22 years ago in the original 1993 film. The said park is described as a vacation destination with elaborate rides, a visitor center, a gift shop, a string of restaurants, and apparently, dinosaurs. To boost visitor traffic at the new park, the operations manager decided to introduce a new member to their dinosaur collection, a genetically modified dino which eventually escapes and creates havoc in the amusement park. To add a twist, a budding romance between Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard’s characters will also be included in the storyline.

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