Dad Knocks Out Young Son With Brutal Punch Inside Grocery Store, Employee Turns To The Internet To Help Identify Him

Video of the disturbing incident was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, the day the incident occurred. The overhead surveillance footage shows a young boy, who appeared no older than four, running in the back of the store.

Suddenly a grown man runs into the frame toward the boy. As the young boy raises his hands in fear the father delivers either a hard punch or open-handed slap, sending the boy crashing to the ground, stunned and in tears. The man then rips the boy from off the ground, yanking him up by one arm.

Another woman then takes the boy’s hand and escorts him out of the store while the man walks in another direction.

The man narrating the video, a store employee who reportedly uploaded it himself, was filled with anger over it.

“This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen,” the man said on the video. “Watch this little kid get knocked out by his dad.”

The video was later shared to Reddit by someone who identified himself as a friend of the employee in the hopes that a viewer might be able to identify the father who punched the young boy.

“I’m trying to share this with as many people as I can so he can be identified,” he wrote.

Not all details are available, including the exact relationship between the man, woman, and the young boy. The man in the video was identified as the boy’s father, but there is no confirmation of their relationship. But the person who shared the video on Reddit hoped that someone might recognize the man, who was reportedly a regular at the store where it was taken.

The perpetrator appeared to be in his early-to-mid 20s, white and was wearing a t-shirt with the number 07 on the back. Though the footage is not entirely clear, here is the best shot of his face:

Dad Knocks Out 4-Year-Old Son With Brutal Punch Inside Grocery Store, Employee Turns To The Internet To Help Identify Him

The person who uploaded the video of the dad knocking out his young son said that the couple left the store without making a purchase, leaving employees without identifying information like a credit card number.