Michael T. Slager IndieGoGo Support Fund Hits $1,380 And Comes Under Fire

There is controversy continuing to surround Michael Slager, especially after GoFundMe shut down a fundraising page for the South Carolina officer charged with killing Walter Scott after shooting him eight times. Indiegogo, however, has allowed a Slager support fund to remain active, reports the Los Angeles Times.

As reported by the Inquisitr, after last Saturday’s shooting and killing, video of Slager went viral as it appeared to show the policeman attempting to plant evidence on Scott — and outrage over the cover up swelled across social media and beyond. After Officer Slager’s GoFundMe page was removed the Slager Indiegogo page was set up. As of this writing, the Slager fundraising page lists a grand total of $1,380 raised by 48 people in two days.

The Indiegogo page itself for Slager has gone viral, receiving more than 39,000 Facebook likes — and most of those who’ve given money to the fund have remained anonymous. The comments on the page are quite incendiary and full of various viewpoints on the hotbed topic.

Other websites are fighting to have the Indiegogo page for Slager removed, such as Color of Change, which is urging its followers to petition Indiegogo to nix the Slager fundraising efforts.

Meanwhile, Scott’s killer is also facing new queries into how he handled an incident in September, 2013, reports the Daily Mail. According to the publication, Slager awakened Mario Givens at his North Charleston home by banging loudly on his door, and allegedly only told Givens that he wanted to enter the home — but didn’t reveal which person was the focus of his search.

The 33-year-old Givens says that’s when Slager barged into the home and threatened to “tase him.” With fear setting in, Givens claims he raised his hands to avoid being tased, but experienced the painful reality of being tased by Slager anyway.

“I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I raised my arms over my head, and when I did, he tased me in my stomach anyway.”

After being painfully tased and dragged outside, Givens says he called for his mother — and eventually learned it was his own brother that was the subject of the search efforts. Meanwhile, Givens has launched a lawsuit and says that if his warnings about Slager had been heeded years ago, Scott might still be alive today.

Meanwhile, reaction to the Slager Indiegogo page is causing folks to react on Twitter.

@Indiegogo what percentage are you going to make off the murder of man: https://t.co/pei6Q8Qa06

— Jeff Johns (@phpfunk) April 10, 2015

[Image via Indiegogo]