Sandra Bullock Stalking Suspect In Court: Star’s Tearful 911 Call Played

Sandra Bullock’s alleged stalker was in court again Thursday, facing charges that he jumped the fence and entered the star’s home last June while she was asleep.

He is facing 19 felony counts, including first-degree burglary, stalking, and possession of a machine gun.

The preliminary hearing on Thursday was to determine if there was enough evidence to continue with a trial. Joshua James Corbett, 39, pleaded not guilty; his bail was increased to $2,185,000.

Bullock hid in her closet and called 911 after spotting the intruder, Corbett, in her Bel Air Estates mansion heading for the attic, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Bullock’s emergency call to police was played in the courtroom Thursday, and the actress can be heard being panicked and tearful. Sandra told the USA Today she had gone to investigate strange noises in her house when she spotted Corbett.

The call was the first piece of evidence presented in Thursday’s preliminary trial.

“I’m in my closet. I have a safe door. I’m locked in the closet right now. I thought it was a wind blowing. Then I saw the person.”

Bullock stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and attempted to guide police through her home’s security, including a large locked gate guarding her driveway. She attempted to open the gate with her cell phone, but failed. Later, she was able to guide police to her bedroom, where she was hiding in the closet.

Police say Corbett broke into the home through a locked sunroom door on the first floor, according to CBS News.

He was unarmed at the time, but was carrying magazine photos of Sandra and handwritten notes expressing his love for her. Security footage presented at the trial show Corbett outside Bullock’s gate for three days before the break-in.

After police raided Corbett’s home, they discovered a cache of illegal weapons, including assault rifles, handguns, ammunition, and tracer rounds. They also found his journal, in which he referred to Sandra as his wife and professed his love for her.

The alleged stalker and the Gravity star came face to face as she discovered him, reports the Inquisitr, which is when Bullock turned and ran for her closet and called 911.

The night before the break-in, Sandra had been celebrating at the Spike TV awards.

During Thursday’s trial, Corbett could be heard muttering an appeal to Sandra, according to Extra.

“Sandy, please don’t press charges, I am sorry.”