Nick Cannon Writing A Mariah Carey Tell-All? Think Again!

Is Nick Cannon writing a tell-all about his marriage to singer Mariah Carey? Think again! As the Inquisitr reported, it looks like the two are getting along despite their divorce.

Cannon spoke to E! Online about the rumors surrounding a possible tell-all book. To say he sounded disappointed is an understatement. Despite the rumors not being true, Cannon wanted to go on record to address these false rumors about the alleged tell-all.

At the time, Nick said, “It’s funny, even to see people that I know and respect kind of report rumors and just ridiculous stuff that comes from nowhere. You could have just called me and asked me. I guess it’s like people go for the story and sensationalism instead of figuring out the truth.”

He continued, “And when there is no drama, people want to create drama. Like I said, if you guys want to continue to perpetuate negativity, do that. But I’m good and happy and so is my family. I don’t know anything about no tell-all books or anything like that.”

When the rumor first hit the internet, it was believed that Cannon signed a deal to write the book and that Carey was furious about this betrayal.

According to the Daily Mail, “Mariah rejected Nick’s numerous demands for a $30 million divorce settlement so now he’s writing the book — saying he plans get his payday for being married to her one way or another — and there is nothing she can do about it because he already signed the deal last week with major publishing company Simon and Schuster.”

Following that story, Nick and Mariah looked as happy as can be as they got together to celebrate Easter Sunday with their two children, Moroccan and Monroe.

As the Inquisitr reported, it seems like Nick is happy with his life right now. News broke that he’s moving on with model Jessica White, who is smitten with the actor.

The two are currently keeping their relationship on the down low, “out of respect for Nick’s family since the divorce is not final,” but according to E!, this couple is “going really strong.”

What do you think of Nick Cannon’s comments regarding the tell-all?

[Image via Jason Kempin / Getty Images]