Anjelica Hadsell Update: Remains Found In Search

Is the search for Anjelica Hadsell over? Human remains have been located in the search for the missing teen, and the community of Norfolk, Virginia, are in shock. WAVY 10 News reports that the remains were found in the backyard of a home on Smith’s Ferry Road. They were outside of a shed, but few other details are available about the discovery. The remains haven’t been identified positively yet, but they will be sent for identification to the Chief Medical Examiner in the county.

WTOP News reports that agents with the FBI have assisted in the search, and it’s that united investigation that led authorities to the human remains. The property where the remains were found appears to be vacant, but it’s currently not known for a fact if it’s an inhabited home or not.

The public is currently reacting to the grim discovery with the unified belief that the remains belong to missing woman Anjelica Hadsell. Even though authorities haven’t made an official confirmation, the family of the missing woman have been notified of the discovery. A spokesperson representing the Hadsell family has asked that the family be given privacy and prayers during this time.

Anjelica went missing over a month ago, and over the course of her disappearance, her case has become a media circus as well as a topic of focus on social media. The speculation about this case varies, but many people appear to believe that the girl’s own adoptive father had something to do with her possible demise. Wesley Hadsell has been jailed on charges of obstruction of justice, though authorities have not said whether or not he is an official suspect in Anjelica’s disappearance.

Authorities with the Norfolk Police have remained tight-lipped regarding what evidence led them to the discovery, which matches the general tone of this entire investigation. However, they have confirmed that their own investigation led them to the home where these remains were located, not a tip or outsider information.

[Photo: Norfolk Police Department]