Mom And Daughter Share Leap Year Birthday In Rare Occurrence

Four year ago New Jersey resident Michelle Birnbaum of Saddle River, N.J., gave birth to her daughter Rose. While millions of births happen every year her daughters was different because she was born on a Leap Day. Thousands of birthdays of course happen on the extra leap year day, however her’s was unique because her mother was also born on a leap day.

According to the Associated Press the chances of a mother and her daughter both being born on a leap day is just one in 2.1 million.

Rose was born on Feb. 29, 2008, making her “one” years old today, at least in terms of how little kids tend to think of birthdays.

Speaking to the New York Post Michelle says she’s happy to have a “built-in party partner,” after she went into labor on February 28 but didn’t delivery until February 29.

According to Michelle:

“It was just luck, all the stars lined up at the right time.”

Birnbaum says she loves that her birthday falls on February 29 however she does admit that one problem exists, some websites attempting to gather biographical information won’t accept her Feb. 29 birthday.

On the other hand Michelle says nobody every forgets about her birthday and she believes it will help her teach her daughter about the solar system and Earth’s rotation.

Having a birthday on a Leap Year as a child is likely a little confusing, at least in this case little Rose won’t be the only person who’s actual birthday only comes around once every four years.