Nurse Admits To Murdering Six Elderly Patients To ‘Lighten Workload’

Nurse Vera Maresova, referred to as “Nurse Death” locally, has admitted to killing six of her elderly patients in a bid to lighten her workload. The nurse gave deadly doses of potassium to the patients over a four-year period of time.

The Mirror reports that Maresova worked at a local hospital in the small town of Rumburk in the Czech Republic. She was initially arrested for the suspected murder of a 70-year-old patients after the woman died from potassium poisoning. However, since the arrest, Maresova has admitted to killing not one, but six elderly patients as she wanted to lighten her workload.

All the murders took place between 2010 and 2014, which included the death of five female patients and one male patient. The nurse worked in the hospital’s intensive care unit where patients were in need of 24/7 care. Instead of helping the patients, Maresova began slowly injecting the patients with deadly doses of potassium. Police say the nurse injected the potassium straight into the blood stream in quantities well over safe limits.

A police spokesperson claims that all of Maresova’s victims were elderly and that she simply wanted to make her life easier by getting rid of a few patients. The police department does note that they do not believe there to be any additional victims beyond the six.

“All of her victims were elderly and needed intensive treatment. The woman who was supposed to care for them but instead killed them because she wanted to make life easier for herself. The terrible number of victims is six. We do not suspect the nurse committed any more murders.”

The Prague Daily Monitor says that a trial has not yet been set for Maresova. However, the indictment shows murder charges will be brought in all six deaths, which means “Nurse Death” could face life in prison. The police say that Maresova has been checked for mental disorders or diseases but was not diagnosed with any disorder by experts. Therefore, it seems the actions were simply selfish, and the woman saw no problem in murdering the elderly patients in her care as they were already old.

Sadly, this is not the first time a nurse has been charged with murdering a patient under their care. In fact, a German nurse was charged with murder 30 patients because he liked the attention he got for resuscitating the patient and “saving” the day.

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Theo Heimann]