Taylor Swift Turns Mom's Cancer Into Life Lesson For Fans

Taylor Swift has the special talent of turning the struggles of her personal life into important life lessons that inspire and educate her fans.

In the past, that talent has been shown numerous times within the lyrics of her chart-topping songs.

This time around, though, Taylor Swift displayed her talent within the words of a Tumblr note. The 25-year-old singer shared some tragic news about the health of her mother, Andrea.

"I'm saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. I'd like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private."

In the introduction of her Tumblr note, Taylor Swift admits that she usually processes things that happen in her personal life first before sharing them with the rest of the world through her music.

However, the reason why her mother wanted Taylor's fans to know about the diagnosis now is where the important life lesson comes into the picture.

"She wanted you to know because your parents may be too busy juggling everything they've got going on to go to the doctor, and maybe you reminding them to go get checked for cancer could possibly lead to an early diagnosis and an easier battle… Or peace of mind in knowing that they're healthy and there's nothing to worry about."

Taylor Swift apparently followed her own advice by initially asking her mother to get screened by a doctor for health issues as a Christmas gift to her. Even though her mother did not have any "red flags" and "felt perfectly fine," the "Blank Space" singer decided to grant her children's wish and get checked by a doctor.

Taylor ended her Tumblr note with a special message of gratitude to her fans along with her own heartfelt hope that they never have a similar experience.

"Thank you for caring about my family so much that she would want me to share this information with you. I hope and pray that you never get news like this."

The American Cancer Society would likely agree with Taylor Swift's advice, especially since the organization continuously promotes effective cancer prevention and early detection efforts.

[Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images]