‘America Is The Real Terrorist’: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Mother Rants After Boston Bomber Guilty Verdict

The trial of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is finally over and resulted in 30 guilty verdicts, 17 of which could carry the death penalty. Following the verdict, Dzhokhar’s mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, ranted that her boys were the “best of the best” and that “America is the real terrorist.”

The Daily Mail reports that the convicted terrorist’s mother sent a message of support to her son who is now facing the death penalty for his part in the horrific Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and left more than 250 injured. The mother maintained her boys innocence despite the guilty verdict and claims that “America is the real terrorist” in this situation.

Timur Rudaev, a friend of the Tsarnaev family, has setup a support page for the boys on the Russian social media site VKontakte. The page has 1,882 supporters and was used to raise money for the Tsarnaev family following the bombing. The page has raised roughly $5,000 since creation. According to Vocativ, Rudaev frequently posts messages of support for the family and screenshots of text messages received from the Tsarnaev family.

In a recent post, Dzhokhar’s mother Zubeidat sent Rudaev a text message claiming that her son is the “best of the best” and that America is to blame. The message, which was posted in Russian, was posted in the support group following Dzhokhar’s guilty verdict.

“I will never forget it. May god bless those who helped my son. The terrorists are the Americans and everyone knows it. My son is the best of the best.”

In addition to calling America the “real terrorist,” Zubeidat also thanked all the family’s supporters who have been there for her “precious boy.”

“May God reward them for supporting my precious boy.”

Despite the evidence in the case, Zubeidat’s has been steady in her claims that her sons were innocent. In fact, in the days after the attacks and arrest of Dzhokhar, Zubeidat claims that the entire attack was a “really big play” and says that there really was no blood at the scene but rather “paint.” During a press conference held 10 days after the bombings, the mother told media outlets that she did not accept that her children were responsible for the massacre.

However, the evidence in the case against the Tsarnaev boys was extensive in court. From surveillance footage of the brothers dropping the backpacks that were filled with explosives, to the shootout that left Dshokhar’s brother, Tamerlan, dead, it seemed clear that the Tsarnaev brothers had planned the Boston Marathon bombing in detail before the events unfolded that day.

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Stringer]