Will The Attitude Problem Of Rand Paul Cost Him The Chance Of Becoming President?

Louis Babcock

Rand Paul has been in the political spotlight for many years. One would assume that being in such a high-profile position, he would have a better understanding of how to control his attitude during interviews.

Around the media circles, Paul has a reputation of not being able to control his temper when he is asked what some would call the "tough questions." A pattern is also developing that shows that Paul tends to have more of a temper problem when it comes to female members of the press. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Paul commented on the issue of gender-based attitude.

"I think I should have some more patience, but I think I'm pretty equal opportunity. I will have to get better at holding my tongue and holding my temper."

It is no secret that people in the media can be very cut-throat. When they sense weakness, they will lunge after it with the ferocity of a great white shark going after chum in the water. The fact that Paul has had to take time in the press to address his temper will likely only make reporters go after him even harder to show that he is not capable of keeping his attitude in check.

Rand Paul announced on Tuesday that he will be attempting to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. It can be argued that the United States has never been more divided as a country when it comes to the political realm. A person seeking the job as President needs to be able to have a certain composure about them. As of now, Paul does not have that ability. It is one thing to be passionate about political topics, but it is another thing to let that passion control how you are perceived in the eyes of the public. All Paul has done is made it easier for his future political opponents to attack him and show that he does not have what it takes to be President.

Paul clearly has plenty of support. In a post in the Wall Street Journal, it is stated that it only took a little more than one day for Paul to generate $1 million for his campaign.

Will Rand Paul be able to put the topic of his anger behind him, or will it be his downfall? Will Rand Paul even make it long enough to reach the primaries?

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