Charles Terreni, 18, Found Dead In Frat House With Blood Alcohol Level Four Times The Legal Limit

An 18-year-old University of South Carolina student and Phi Kappa Alpha member, Charles Terreni, Jr., was found dead in the fraternity house following a St. Patrick’s Day keg party. The coroner has released the autopsy results which reveal that the teen had a blood alcohol level that was over four times the legal limit. The death was ruled as alcohol poisoning.

The Daily Mail reports that the death is still under investigation by the police. However, it is now known that the cause of death was related to alcohol consumption. Neighbors of the fraternity house note that a large keg party took place the night before Terreni’s death. In fact, the keg could still be seen in the house’s yard when the fraternity member was found dead inside. The coroner says that the teen’s death was entirely preventable and tragic.

“It was a tragic and totally preventable death.”

WISTV reports that Terreni had a blood alcohol level of.375 at the time of his death. The coroner ruled that excessive alcohol consumption in the form of alcohol poisoning as the official cause of death. The autopsy also revealed there were no signs of traumatic injury; however, the police have labeled Terreni’s death as “suspicious” and are still investigating.

The exact situations that led to Terreni’s death are not known and police are trying to determine exactly what happened that night in the fraternity house. What is known is that the house was hosting their annual St. Patrick’s Day party which was a “kegger.” Though the house was located off of school property. The house was a known Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. The fraternity put the University of South Carolina chapter on “administrative suspension” following the incident. Since the chapter suspension, the University of South Carolina has placed the organization on a full suspension for an unknown period of time.

Charles Terreni, Jr. was the son of a Columbia attorney Charles Terreni. Charles Sr. worked for the former-Lieutenant Governor Bob Peeler and helped with redistricting.

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity released a statement noting that their thoughts were with the Terreni family during this difficult time while pointing out that members were cooperating fully with the police investigation.

“The Xi Chapter wants to extend their deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Charlie Terreni, Jr. The members are devastated by the loss of their friend Charlie, and they would ask that everyone keep Charlie’s family in their thoughts and prayers.? The members of the Xi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha are cooperating with the ongoing investigation by the Columbia Police Department. Once the investigation by the City of Columbia has concluded, the Xi Chapter will address the temporary suspension issues. However, at this time, their focus is on grieving for Charlie.”

This isn’t the first time the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has come under fire for an alcohol related incident. In fact, the University of Tennessee chapter was suspended after alcohol enemas were administered to members sending one to the hospital.

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