Kim Jong-Un Learned To Drive At 3, According To Latest North Korean Textbook

The latest North Korean textbook has alleged that the country's supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un, learned to drive at the tender age of 3.

But that's not all, because the book states that Kim Jong Un also raced a yacht against an adult when he was 9, a race that he, of course, won.

South Korean television network YTN, via UPI, was the first to report that this information has been documented in the latest North Korean teacher's manuals, each of which have been provided to schools across the country.

It will now be taught to middle and high school pupils, which will help to extol and lionize the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The subject that this information will be taught under is entitled Kim Jong Un's Revolutionary Activities, and it will be studied by pupils throughout 2015.

A translation of the text inside the book reads, "At the age of 9, Kim Jong Un raced the chief executive of a foreign yacht company, who was visiting North Korea at the time." The book then notes that despite the odds being firmly against him, Kim was able to win.

As well as recalling this race and eulogising about Kim Jong-Un's driving prowess, another South Korean channel TV Chosun has revealed that the book also states that Kim Jong Un is able to draw expertly and declared that he is well versed in musical compositions too.

It's also been reported that the book doesn't feature any information about the history of North Korea, and instead it was mostly devoted to the childhood of their leader.

This isn't the first time lies the inhabitants of the country are supposed to believe about North Korean's Kim Jong-Un have come to light.

These include that the United States Of America started the Korean War, while they are also led to believe that the year is currently 103. That's because their calendar starts from the year that Kim Il Sung was born (1912).

According to The Richest, other propaganda that they're fed includes that North Korea is envied across the globe, Kim Jong-Un's father Kim Jong-Il was the best golfer and bowler in the world, had a supernatural birth, is a fashion icon, and invented the hamburger

This is because North Koreans are unable to access the internet and are only privy to a closed off domestic network, while they are fed lies and propaganda from their government

[Image via Toledo Blade]