Ridley Scott And Fuji Television Team Up For “Japan In A Day”

On March 11, 2011 the country of Japan was rocked by an earthquake and following tsunami that left tens of thousands homeless and a nuclear plant on the brink of destruction. Not too long after that disaster the film Life In A Day was launched to showcase a 24-hour self-portrait of life on Earth.

Fuji Television and Ridley Scott in association with Tony Scott’s Scott Free London are now teaming up for a second installment of that project and will run as a 24-hour event starting at midnight on March 11. The new contest however will focus only on Japan and is titled Japan In A Day.

Participants can enter by capturing a day in their lives then uploading that footage to Youtube.com/JapanInADay.

To capture footage Fuji will donate 200 cameras to people in the area most affected by the natural disaster at which point they will be able to capture footage.

During that day of filming footage gathered by contestants along with Fuji TV coverage will be combined to create Japan In A Day.

The best footage will not only be selected for a short YouTube project it will also be used for a feature film that will debut at cinemas around the worldwide.

During the first installment of the series Ridley Scott executive produced and he will take on that same role for the new Japan In A Day version of the project. The first installment was directed by Kevin Macdonald and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Here’s the trailer from the Life In A Day project:

I would personally be interested in seeing how things have changed or remained the same since Japan was rocked by such a deadly force one year to the day. Would you head out to theaters to watch Japan In A Day when it’s released?