McDonald’s Menu Shakeup: Fast Food Chain Introduces All-Day Breakfast, $5 Third-Pound Burgers, And More

McDonald’s is trying to make its menu more appealing by introducing the all-day breakfast menu and reintroducing its sirloin third-pound burgers for $4.99. It sounds like the fast food chain is finally listening to its customers. A recent YouGov poll showed that consumers would like to enjoy more of McDonald’s breakfast items such as the classic Egg McMuffin or the traditional McGriddles. The company said that it doesn’t offer breakfast items all day because there’s not enough room on their grills to cook both breakfast items and other fast food staples. But with its recent loss of sales to other competitors, McDonald’s is reconsidering an all-day breakfast menu.

Janney Capital Markets analyst Mark Kalinowski told Business Insider that testing an all-day breakfast menu would “make sense,” since the food is one of the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu.

“We believe customers generally want to see McDonald’s offer breakfast items all day.”

McDonald’s will also add extended breakfast menu hours in limited locations in the San Diego area, according to Blue MauMau. This will also be part of the trial run. If the plan works, the extended breakfast hours could happen at all McDonald’s branches in the United States. The test will only be limited in regards to McDonald’s menu items, with the availability of breakfast sandwiches and hash browns extended throughout the day.

McDonald’s also wants to “beef up” its menu with its premium sirloin third-pound burgers. The fast food chain is hoping that its customers will want to fork over $4.99 for the sandwich and that it will thrive against a large list of premium burger competitors, according to Fortune. Since this menu item is also being tested, the franchisee is able to charge whatever they want for the new burgers. The limited time offer for the burger will start on May 12 and run through June. If it works, then franchisees will serve the third-pound burger for the same price. This recent move happened after CEO Steve Esterbrook pledged to make McDonald’s a “modern, progressive burger company.”

The sirloin burger will be available in three options: bacon and cheese, lettuce and tomato, and a steakhouse version with mushrooms, grilled onions, and white cheddar cheese, according to a Zacks report. To keep its freshness, the burgers will be served on a wooden surface that resembles a cutting board.

McDonald’s also has a new grilled chicken recipe on its menu. The new “Artisan Grilled Chicken” will now have a blend of olive oil and canola oil instead of liquid margarine, according to Health 24. The biggest change to the chicken recipe is the removal of sodium phosphates, which is used to keep the chicken moist. This new recipe also doesn’t contain maltodextrin, which McDonald’s said is a sugar that adds browning or seasoning. McDonald’s wants to change some of its items on the menu since customers want “simple, clean ingredients” that they know.

All of these changes to the McDonald’s menu means that the company is hoping to win customers back after a huge sales slump. The company has experienced a slump in sales and a decline in customers due to competition from food chains like Carl’s Jr., Chipotle Mexican Grill, Five Guys, and Jack in the Box. McDonald’s is trying hard to revive its image by changing the bad impression that its customers have of its food.

McDonald’s released a statement about the reason for its menu shakeup.

“We know that consumers care about their food. They want it to be real, fresh and authentic. And more than ever, consumers want to feel good about what they eat.”

[Image: Sallicio via Wikimedia Commons]