Did 13 Girls Conspire To Put High School ‘Player’ In Jail With False Rape Charges? Defense Say Yes

Lawyers for Tyler Kost say that 13 girls conspired against the high school teen with false rape allegations because they wanted to “teach him a lesson” for being “a player.” The defense claims that the girls referred to the movie John Tucker Must Die, where ex-girlfriends take revenge against their ex-boyfriend, in reference to Tyler and note that the girls say “Tyler needs to be taught a lesson.” The defense says there is vast evidence that suggests the rape allegations are false, including over 98,000 pages of social media evidence are proof.

The Daily Mail reports that Tyler Kost, a 19-year-old charged with raping 13 girls ages 13 to 17, at his former high school has been in jail for the past year awaiting trial. The charges range from child molestation to sexual abuse, but the defense lawyers say they have stumbled upon a “treasure trove” of evidence that proves Tyler was innocent of the sex crimes and is the actual victim in this case.

The defense lawyers claim that the girls conspired to “teach Tyler a lesson” for being a known “player” at the school. The defense claims the girls were inspired by the teen movie John Tucker Must Die to seek revenge. The defense has entered into evidence over 98,000 pages of social media interactions including group chats between three of the alleged rape victims and three witnesses. The chats indicate that the girls were working together to build a case against Tyler with one girl exclaiming, “This is going to be so much fun!” when discussing taking down the teen boy.

The defense says these exchanges happened in the weeks before Tyler was accused of rape. However, the defense wants access to at least eight other people to see how far the plot spreads. However, due to Facebook privacy policies, the defense needs a court order from the state, but the state is refusing. Defense Attorney Michael Alarid says the states behavior is concerning considering the information the defense team found so far.

“Quite frankly the fact that the state is refusing to get any additional social media records is concerning. It’s shocking. Based on what we’ve uncovered so far they should be dismissing several charges. Instead they are digging their heels in and they are refusing to give us anything additional.”

KSAZ reports that in the group chat message the girls planned to have a movie date together to watch John Tucker Must Die and “plan.” The girls indicate that they will “f*** with his mind and car” with other girls noting it was going to “be fun.”

Many point out that it would be unusual for a rape victim to discuss a rapist in this manner and that calling an action against the rapist “fun” would not be considered normal.

What do you think about the new social media evidence in the Tyler Kost rape case? Should the exchanges be viewed as a conspiracy to ruin this young man’s life?