Walter Scott’s Mom Reacts To Video Showing The North Charleston Police Officer Shoot Her Son

Walter Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, watched the video of North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shooting her son and shared her reaction during morning interviews. The South Carolina police officer is white, and Walter Scott is black, a racial component quickly materialized after the fatal shooting, which followed a routine traffic stop.

Michael Slager, 33, reportedly shot Walter Scott, 50, shortly after stopping the unarmed black man for a busted taillight. Judy Scott said her son was shot five times as he ran away from the South Carolina police officer. Scott, a father-of-four, allegedly ran away from Slager because he was behind on child support and did not want to be arrested for the minor traffic violation.

Judy Scott cried nearly uncontrollably as she said her heart was “tore to pieces” when she watched the video of Michael Slager shooting her son during the Saturday altercation.

Walter Scott’s mom also had this to say about the fatal shooting of her son by the North Charleston police officer.

“When I looked at that tape, it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen, I am very very upset concerning it it. I almost couldn’t look at it. To see my son running defensively and being shot – it just tore my heart to pieces. I pray that this never happens to another person, this has to got to stop.”

Sat between her other son Walter Scott and the family’s lawyer, Mrs Scott was visibly distressed as she added, “From a child he has been raised in the church.”

Walter Scott’s mother also added, “From day one he sang in the choir, he played the drums he would call his mom every single day. They never got in trouble they had a beautiful childhood and I had no problem.”

Anthony Scott, the brother of Walter Scott, said that when he arrived at the fatal North Charleston police shooting, he immediately felt that something “was not right.” Scott’s brother said, “They told me he had died. That is all they gave me. I already knew he had been Tasered. I thought that’s what had actually happened. He had gotten Tasered to death. But then my nephew told me he had died.”

During an interview with the Today show, Walter Scott Sr. said he wanted justice for his son. “It would have never come to light. They would have swept it under the rug, like they did with so many others,’ the grieving father said. “The way he [Michael Slager] was shooting that gun, it looked like he was trying to kill a deer. I don’t know whether it was racial, or it was something wrong with his head.”

Chris Stewart, the attorney for the family of Walter Scott, said his clients will be seeking “recovery to the full extent of the law. Stewart added, “We can see how disgraceful the incident this is. His civil rights were directly violated and we’re going to be filing a major civil lawsuit against all the responsible parties from this tragedy.”

Michael Slager was charged with murder and could face the death penalty. Before the video of the Walter Scott footage went viral online, the North Charleston police officer had stated that he feared for his life claimed that Scott had wrestled the taser from him during the physical altercation.

Protests in support of Walter Scott have already begun in the South Carolina city.

[Image via: Screengrab/Twitter]