Mexican Drug Tunnel Discovered Under House Near San Diego

A Mexican drug tunnel was discovered under a home near San Diego, California. Mexican soldiers found the under construction tunnel and arrested nine individuals found inside. Tunnels from Mexico to the United States are believed to used to smuggle drugs, illegal immigrants, and for the human trafficking of young women.

The Mexican drug tunnel was reportedly already wired with lights. The tunnel was located near a Mexican regional federal law enforcement facility and an air force installation near the Tijuana border crossing point.

During the past 10 years dozens of Mexican tunnels have been discovered along the 2,000 mile United States border with Mexico. The drug tunnel is reportedly 66-feet deep and also included the ventilation necessary for those traveling from Tijuana to San Diego.

The Mexican soldiers who found the drug tunnel noted that the discovery was located just a little west of the A.L. Rodriguez International Airport. The soldiers used a 10-foot ladder to garner access to the muddy path that led to the opening of the tunnel.

The Mexican drug tunnel had not reportedly stretched more than 500 feet and therefore did not yet allow entry into the United States. To reach the San Diego side of the U.S. border, the tunnel would have needed to encompass another 1,300 feet. The Mexican border is about 22 miles away from the California city.

The soldiers found 44 pounds of marijuana inside the Mexican drug tunnel. A truck used to remove dirt from inside the tunnel was also seized. The nine people arrested while digging inside the Tijuana tunnel had reportedly entered via a large wood wardrobe inside a home. The suspects attempted to flee from the Mexican soldiers, but were quickly apprehended.

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