Husband In Coma Awakes: Devoted Wife Bucked Physician’s Advice To ‘Pull Plug’

It’s been five years ago since Matt Davis had the fight of his life. The new husband slipped into a coma after a traumatic accident on a motorcycle. Doctors said the newlywed didn’t have much chance of awakening. They also suggested his spouse pull the plug on his life support. However, Danielle Davis, his new bride, simply believed in miracles, held out, and her comatose husband suddenly woke up months later, according to a 9News report.

Seven months after Matt and Danielle, then 23 and 24, respectively, married, Davis sustained severe brain injuries from the collision. Although he was young and fit, doctors gave him only a 10 percent chance of recovery. Over the next few days, Danielle lay by her husband’s bed, looking for any sign that he would wake up. He didn’t. Days turned to months, and then doctors agreed to discharge Matt, still in a coma, to begin a specialized rehab program.

Danielle and her mother, who was ailing at the time, rearranged their home to accommodate their beloved. Daily, they nurtured him like a mom does to her newborn: he was fed (via feeding tube), bathed, groomed, and talked to frequently. Other activities included maneuvers performed at the rehabilitation program. Then, one day, the wife who refused to pull her husband’s plug after the crash, got the miracle they waited for: the comatose husband suddenly wakes up — and even begins speaking.

One day, while the woman’s husband was asked about his choice of food, he shocked her with a verbal response, albeit garbled: “Buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s.” According to his wife, it’s his favorite food.

The joy was overwhelming, as anyone could imagine. But Danielle realized she had a lot of work to do. Matt was enrolled in another rehab program, where he learned how to move is limbs, feed himself, talk, and even walk again. Several months later, he was discharged from the program and left walking with assistance.

After waking up, the once comatose man had little memory of his wife, dating, and even their wedding day. But over time, he soon learned who Danielle was — and he is sure glad she bucked the advice of doctors and refused to end his life support, according to an interview recently with reporters.

“I’m sure glad I married her.”

Although many stories of patients in comas end in tragedy, stories like these give families hope that miracles do occur. This husband suddenly awakened from a coma after doctors had little hope, but thanks to his devout wife, he is alive and even playing Scrabble with her. Imagine that!

[Photo by: Wikimedia Commons]