Ashley Lovett: Mentally Challenged Woman Missing In Millen, Georgia — Brother, Stepmother In Custody For Questioning

Ashley Lovett, a mentally-challenged Georgia woman, is missing, and police are now investigating her disappearance. Mike Miller of WJBF News Channel 6 has been reporting on the incident locally in the city of Millen, where police have indicated they are searching the grounds for some sign of Ashley Millen. ***Update: human remains have been found in the backyard of the home where Ashley Lovett lived with her stepmother and brother.

Ashley Lovett was last seen in July of 2014, but a missing person’s report was not filed until this past March. For the past several weeks, the Jenkins County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating leads and tips in the missing woman’s case. Police were contacted after concerned family members in Savannah, Georgia, told investigators that they have not seen or heard from Ashley in months.

The tips led police to a home on Williams Rd., where police are scouring the grounds surrounding the home to find her. Ashley Lovett lived with other family members before she disappeared. Relatives out of Savannah also told police that Ashley Lovett was mentally challenged and receiving state and federal benefits, including disability. Public background records show that Ashley Lovett is 27-years-old and has lived in Millen and Midville, Georgia.

According to WRDW-TV, law enforcement officials did find bones buried on the property but were determined to be animal bones. However, the local sheriff and law enforcement officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) are confident that they will find something on the property.

Meanwhile, family members in Millen are wondering what is going on in this case and are admonishing other family members not to jump to conclusions until more information is available.

One family member posted the following.

“I have unplugged the phone.—— is finally asleep! All we have right now is hear say, just like everyone else. When we get confrimation, we will contact you. Please if this comes out to be true, everyone remember that Ashley is OUR CHILD! —— has been her daddy since right after she was born and I have been her mom since she was 6. Both of our hearts are breaking, right at this point he is taking this harder than I am, I guess I just refuse to believe it. It will do no good to point fingers at anyone,or blame anyone except the ones that it comes out to actually have done this horrible crime! I am now and will continue to protect him through this so I am giving everyone fair warning, don’t start nothing and there won’t be nothing!() Watching my husbands heart breaking!”

Residents in the community of Millen are shocked and outraged that no one had reported Ashley Lovett missing until now, prompting many to speculate that some sort of foul play may be involved. Police have not clearly stated that they are looking for a body and no charges have been filed in the case.

Here are some of the comments appearing on social media about the disappearance case.

“Why since July of 2014 but just reported in march 2015.”

“Where is her baby at?”

“Why wasn’t her missing reported much earlier, good information is probably gone!”

“Sounds like the arrested family members collected her monthly payments. Very suspicious now that GBI is digging about the property. Sad knowing they’re searching for a body.”

Two family members are in custody — Ashley Lovett’s brother, Chris Lovett, and her stepmother, Susan Lovett, aka Susan Coleman. It is believed that Ashley Lovett’s baby is with relatives, but that has not been confirmed. Please check back as we continue to provide more information in the missing person’s case.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]