Hilary Duff Wears New Blonder Shade After She Says: ‘I Don’t Know How Long I’m Going To Keep The Hair’

Hilary Duff seems to be already over her blue-green “mermaid hair.” After saying she didn’t know “how long” she would keep the color, the actress and singer was already seen rocking a new shade. Perez Hilton spotted Hilary sporting a new shade on the set of Extra on Tuesday. Maybe the blue-green hair required too much upkeep for the Younger star.

Duff was seen rocking a blondish hair color that still had that hint of green. She also reportedly wore a conservative look that included a white boxy t-shirt, a gray ruched pencil skirt, and black Stuart Weitzman sandals. It was different look from the one that Duff wore last week at the Younger premiere. The star displayed a lot of cleavage in a red low-cut dress.


Hilary recently said in an interview that she wasn’t aware that Kylie Jenner’s hair was also blue-green. She said that she was flattered to be compared to the young teen.

Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff both rocked blue-green hair and sexy looks. Credit: Esther Horvath/Getty Images

“I did hear the Kylie Jenner comparisons right when I dyed my hair. I was like ‘oh no!’ I didn’t know she had green hair, but the color was similar… I think [Kylie’s hair] looked amazing and she’s a trendsetter and I’m happy to be in that company.”

Duff also said that she didn’t know how long she plans to keep her color. She admitted that she only dyed her hair for fun, although some fans thought she was doing it to revive her stagnant music career.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to keep the hair. It’s fun right now it kind of takes on different tones every time I wash it. But maybe two or three more weeks? It’s not meant to be super permanent.”

It looks like Hilary’s blue-green shade has faded. Perez Hilton suggested that the entertainer should try out other pastel shades in the rainbow. Maybe Hilary will go back to being a blonde again. Only time will tell.

Duff didn’t just talk about her hair. She was also there to promote her new show Younger, and her first single “Sparks,” off of her new album This Heart. Duff also talked about her healthy body image that she promotes on social media. She was asked how she maintains such a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“I think I’m just a really normal girl. I work hard to try and be fit and be healthy and have a good bod, and I have good days and bad days with it. It’s so crazy to me, I really feel like I can have an awesome body week and the next week I’m like, ‘What has happened? What did I do wrong?’

“It’s a love/hate, but mostly love and accepting of where my body is at. I’m grateful for what my body has done for me, which has given me the most beautiful, healthy little boy. And I continue to indulge because I love to, and work really hard in the gym.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Hilary Duff showed off her bikini body in a sexy selfie during her vacation. She then dyed her “mermaid” hair shortly after taking a trip with her three-year-old son Luca, and her group of closest girlfriends. Hilary also took on the hair transformation after filing for divorce from Mike Comrie.

[Image: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]