WWE News: WWE NXT Star Finn Balor Debuts For WWE’s Main Roster In WWE SmackDown Dark Match

In a huge piece of news, it appears that WWE decided to bring up yet another top WWE NXT name to the main roster. This time, they had them debut on WWE SmackDown…sort of. We saw how both Kalisto and Adrian Neville (now just Neville) debuted last week on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania. Now, potentially the most anticipated NXT star to make his main roster debut has almost made it

Finn Balor debuted in a WWE SmackDown dark match where he defeated Xavier Woods. WWE is surely hoping that this will bring some hype up for the WWE’s European Tour, which is set to occur this upcoming week. Balor is expected to perform for WWE on the tour. Balor is from Ireland, and has wrestled throughout the U.K. So it makes sense to have him work a show with the main roster before heading overseas.

As the Inquisitr reported today, Finn Balor is pretty confident that he’ll be at WrestleMania 32, which would mean he’d have to debut this year to be there. So, this could be the first step for Balor to come through with his words.

Finn Balor debuting with the main roster is a big deal. Many NXT fans have wanted to see him come up since he arrived, but no one knew if he would do so quickly or later on. Neville’s debut was one that many saw coming, however most thought that Sami Zayn or Tyler Breeze would get the nod before anyone. However, it could be that WWE has nothing for Breeze or Zayn. On top of this, Zayn is coming off of an injury.

Balor SD

Raiding NXT of all it’s best guys also hurts the brand. That said, we could still see Zayn and Breeze make their way up this year, but the summer might be the best time for it.

As you see from the photo above, Balor did not wear his patented “war paint.” Since this was just a dark match, it was doubtful he’d go to the trouble to paint up. However, we can expect him to once he officially debuts. Balor was said to have gotten a big reaction from the crowd, which is a good sign. There is a thought among many that since Balor will already be with the main roster next week for TV tapings, he could debut on WWE RAW.

Many wonder why Finn Balor would come up so quick. There are a few reasons. The first is that he has impressed WWE officials greatly since coming in and fans have taken to him well. His merchandise flows well, which is helpful. WWE also recently trademarked “Balor Club,” which is most likely going to be used for his main roster merchandise soon. On top of this, Balor was given assurance when he signed that he would not be in developmental for very long. While NXT has changed since Balor has come in from a developmental product into it’s own brand, WWE may still keep their word by not keeping him there very long.

Most would imagine that a debut next week for Finn Balor would be ideal since his family will be in the area and he’d get a huge reaction. However, it all depends on what WWE needs at the time. If they don’t need Balor to come up for now, then he won’t. However, it makes total sense to see him officially come up next week on RAW.

[IMG Credits: The 434 FB, WWE YouTube]