Husband In Coma Awakes: Matt Davis Wakes Up, ‘Glad He Married’ Wife Who Never Pulled Plug

Five years ago a man was left in a coma after a horrific motorcycle crash. Doctors told new bride, Danielle Davis, that her new husband, Matt Davis, had little chance at waking up, and she should pull life support. However, the devoted wife refused to let her spouse of seven months die, and thankfully, she didn’t; months later, her comatose soul mate suddenly awoke, according to an ABC News report on April 6.

Matt, 23, lay in a coma with little chance of recovery, based on doctors’ assessments. Nightly, his 24-year-old wife held bedside vigil for the day her husband would snap out of it. Even with physicians giving him about a 10 percent chance of waking up, Danielle held her ground and refused to shut off the machines that sustained her mate.

“Doctors suggested we remove him from life support and let him go, he would never wake up. They said if it was them, they’d pull the plug. That’s what they’d want their family to do.”

However, giving up on the man of her life was not an option. And like many before her with similar life and death decisions, Danielle held out for any glimpse of hope.

“I wanted to give him more time to see if he improved. We didn’t really have a chance to start our life together, I wasn’t going to give up.”

Three months elapsed and Danielle’s husband still lay in a coma, and showed little signs of waking up. Doctors agreed to discharge him to rehab and his wife’s care at home. There, the dedicated woman and her ailing mom teamed up and provided daily care for Matt.

They fed the comatose man through a tube, bathed him, provided over a dozen meds to him and talked to the man everyday. Then one day, the family received a breakthrough: Matt began to move and speak.

Danielle explained that while helping him to move his arm, he grabbed a hat she was using to assist with the maneuver and he suddenly said, “I’m trying.” Instantly, as anyone can imagine, Danielle was overcome with a bounty of emotions, but she soon realized it was only the beginning.

When her husband woke up from the coma and began to speak, it was clear he was suffering from memory-loss as a result of the brain injury. His wife and mother-in-law continued persevering and soon got him into another rehab program. Matt continued to improve. Nearly three months later, he left the facility walking with the assistance.

Today, Matt, who still doesn’t recall dating or marrying his wife, remembers who she is. But with a little time, Danielle expects him to have his long-term memory back. Today, they spend time catching up, playing Scrabble, and attending yoga classes together. Matt even drives a standard-shift vehicle. Imagine that?

When reporters asked the woman’s husband what he thinks about his wife after waking up from his coma, he gave a short response that spoke volumes.

“I’m sure glad I married her.”

[Photo by: Ian Wilde/Getty Images]