Malaysia Airlines MH17 Cover-Up: Russians ‘Executed’ Militants Who Shot Down Plane, Report Says

The culprits who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine last July, killing all 298 people on board, may never be brought to justice — and that’s because they’re already dead, a recent radio report has alleged.

Whoever was responsible for firing the missile that, according to most Western intelligence agencies, brought down the packed Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 on July 17, has already been taken out of the picture, assassinated by Russian agents, according to a Dutch investigative journalist.

The packed commercial airliner was on a routine flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over Donetsk, Ukraine, an area of that country controlled by pro-Russian separatist rebels. The devastating crash was the second major disaster involving a Malaysia Airlines 777 in the first seven months of 2014, following the still-mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370.

Reports quickly emerged that the Flight MH17 had been shot down by rebels, or perhaps even Russian troops, using a sophisticated “Buk” missile launcher. Various cell phone and surveillance videos showed a Buk launcher being transported by truck to an area near where the shootdown took place, and spirited away not long after the disaster.

The Russian government claims that the plane was actually shot down by a pilot in the Ukraine government air force. But United States, German and Australian governments have all said that the plane was shot down from the ground, from within the pro-Russian territory of eastern Ukraine.

Now, sources are reportedly telling the Dutch investigators, the Russian regime of Vladimir Putin has ordered a massive cover-up, erasing any Russian connection to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 atrocity — even killing anyone who might have been involved, under the philosophy of “dead men tell no tales.”

At the very least, says Dutch journalist Robert Bas, speaking on the Dutch government-run radio station NOS, the guilty parties may now ave vanished, living under false identities, where they cannot be found.

“My sources believe that these people might have changed their identities or even been executed by Russian secret service in order to hide everything,” Bas said.

The Dutch investigators have attempted to track down anyone who might have been involved with the shootdown, but have found any potential suspect “untraceable.”

“So in the end there may be no trial, unfortunately, just the report on the results of the investigation,” the reporter added.

The Dutch team that has been trying since last July to get to the bottom of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 tragedy have found themselves the repeated target of computer hackers, believed to be Russian, who in many cases have rendered their computer systems useless with viruses and spyware.

[Images: Carsten Koall/Rob Stothard/Getty Images]